Mäntyranta offers over 100 electrified slots for caravans and tents. You can freely choose a suitable slot according to your preferences. The most popular area has throughout the years been the long and astonishing western beach. Especially caravan customers with summer-long contracts are fond of the spots close to the lake.

The large-scale renovation and modernisation of the cottage area toilet and shower facilities was completed in the summer of 2014. The renovation of the other facilities unit, closer to the western beach area and primarily meant for the caravan and tent customers, was completed in May 2015. The latter building also includes a top-modern kitchen and laundry room available for all customers. Our guests have been very satisfied with the new facilities that offer luxurious conditions in the midst of a peaceful forest-and-lake landscape.

The smaller kitchen was completely renovated during spring 2019 and was inaugurated a few months later. The air-based heat pumps were installed in the kitchen already in late 2018, and have been in customers' use since the summer of 2019. The pumps can be used to heat but also to cool down the kitchens during hot summer days.

The modernised larger kitchen comes with two identic and integrated kitchen solutions on each side of the room: induction stoves, multipurpose ovens, dishwashers, microwaves and multiple complete tableware. Guests can also relax in the kitchen room and watch for instance Netflix or live F1-broadcast from the large Samsung SMART-TV for free. Additionally, customers can use the laundry room's two new Siemens washing machines and driers.

With regards to the water and sewage, Mäntyranta is connected to the municipal engineering network of Kesälahti. There are two (2) water stations on the area; one close to the suite-cottage and the facilities unit and the other next to the so-called "Saunamajor"-cottage.

Caravans with caravan trailers who need to empty their chemical WCs can find a drain hole close to the facilities building. There is a small hand shower at the drain hole.

Caravans with camping buses can find a drive-by sewerage drain hole next to the reception. The receptionists will assist you in the process.