There are three (3) saunas with each accommodating groups of different sizes; sauna number 1 is suitable for a group of four, sauna 2 for six and sauna 3 for up to ten people. All saunas are located along the long swimming beach (western beach), where you can experience picturesque sunsets.

The uniquely pure water used in the saunas is electrically pumped directly from the Puruvesi-lake. The purity of the surface water is tested four times during the summer. According to the samples collected by North Karelia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, the quality of the water is exceptionally good, in many cases even better than the values obtained from bottled water purchased in supermarkets. The results from the tests can be found on the info-wall in the reception.

All three saunas are wood-heated. The staff of Mäntyranta takes care of the whole heating process with regards to sauna number 2 and 3, whereas sauna 1 is heated for the customer but the customer needs to insert more wood in the oven inside the sauna when bathing. In sauna 1 and 2, the warm water comes from the pot next to the sauna heater. In sauna number 3, the customer can also find showers with warm water and a toilet. Sauna number 3 is also best suited for families with young children and for disabled people.

All saunas were re-painted and renovated in May 2016. In Mäntyranta we pay a lot of attention to the quality and believe that a wonderful sauna experience is built upon wood-heating and a clean environment. The feedback from our sauna guests has been outstanding throughout the years.