In Mäntyranta, the waste management policy is as follows:

- All glassware (with or without bottle deposit) are returned to the reception.

- All metal ware and cans (with or without bottle deposit) are returned to the reception.

- Cardboard and paper are returned to the recycling point located next to the reception.

- Empty batteries are returned to the reception.

There are three (3) metallic containers around the Mäntyranta area solely meant for ash. The area also has nine (9) black 600 litres general thrash containers, where all other waste not mentioned earlier are returned. Four (4) of the larger thrash containers are situated around the cottage area, and another four (4) lie next to the caravan facilities unit. The last of the nine thrash containers is located near the reception. The thrash containers are normally emptied on Fridays.

General thrash containers can also be found in the saunas, facilities units and the grill cottage. Guests visiting these buildings are responsible for bringing empty glass and metallic bottles and cans to the reception.

Mäntyranta is famous for its cleanliness - and rightly so!